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Hard to believe I’ve been wet shaving for less than a year.  But the shaving stash has grown beyond the space available.  So, it’s either add another shelf or have a den clearance.  My wife STRONGLY suggested the latter.  So, here are a few items to get the ball rolling.  By the way, none of these brushes are shedders.  All were purchased new unless otherwise noted and are in excellent used condition.  All measurements are actual, using a digital caliper.  Sale prices include CONUS shipping.  And, if its not obvious by now, I cannot accept any trades.

Wet Shaving Products’ “Earl” Brush in Faux Horn and polished metal base.  The knot is a High Mountain White Badger.  Diameter 24mm.  Loft 50mm.  Overall height 100mm.  Purchase price was $120.  Sale price $85.
[Image: JgYODKS.jpg]    [Image: 6PKS3bg.jpg]    [Image: OrFadOC.jpg]

Shavemac #25 Blue Marble with a Silvertip 3 band knot.  Diameter 26mm.  Loft 54mm.  Overall height 105mm.  Purchase price was $135.  Sale price $100.    SOLD!

Shavemac TW3 with a stunning Wood/Gold/White handle and a Silvertip 2 band knot.  Diameter 26mm.  Loft 54mm.  Overall height 112mm.  Purchase price $195.  Sale price $150.  SOLD!

H.L. Thäter 4125 Series, Size 4, with Faux Ivory handle and a Silvertip 2 band knot.  Diameter 32mm.  Loft 60mm.  Overall height 114mm.  Retails at $215.  I purchased from original owner for $155.  Sale price $130.
[Image: xGnT6IS.jpg?1]   [Image: gqQII1B.jpg]   [Image: qGjy52W.jpg]

Elite Razor Gold-Laced Onyx with a 2 band Manchurian knot.  By the way, this is real onyx and weighs in at 160 grams.  Diameter 28mm.  Loft 52mm.  Overall height 117mm.  Bob Quinn makes a great handles with terrific knots.  I now own 4 of them.  Purchase price $175.  Sale price $125.   SOLD!

P&C Limited Edition “Platypus” with a 2 band Manchurian knot.  Paste & Cut is a active Australian shaving community and this is their first and only limited edition of just 25 brushes.  Bob Quinn at Elite Razor supplied the knots and Tony Forsyth fabricated the handles and assembled the brushes.  Diameter 28mm.  Loft 55mm.  Overall height 120mm.  Purchase price was $200 (which included exorbitant shipping charges from AUS to USA).  Used 5 times.  I will sell for $150.  SOLD!

TSN Limited Edition M6 from Simpson in faux Horn with a Manchurian 2 band knot.  This brush is #18 of 200 from 2014.  Diameter 23mm.  Loft 49mm.  Overall height 100mm.  Purchased from the original owner for $150.  Sale price $125.  SOLD!

Finally, I have 4 soaps I’d like to pass along as a single lot.

First, a threesome from Saponificio Varesino including their Cosmo (4.2), Manna di Sicilia, and Stella Alpina.  The Cosmo is in its original aluminum container.  The others were refills and are in Ikea Gruntal Stainless Steel containers.  All are in the range of 75% to 85% full.  Also included is a container of Tobacco Road soap from Paladin Shaving.  Approximately 85% remains.  Total purchase price was $116.  Selling as a lot for $65.  
 [Image: qrSV6hb.jpg]   [Image: nPDD619.jpg]   [Image: OT651Oy.jpg]

Thanks for your interest.

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Great offerings here. I think you may have mislabeled your Simpson LE it looks like faux horn not jade. GLWTS!!

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 04-30-2017, 03:07 PM
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Great looking brushes and soap.

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(04-30-2017, 02:14 PM)cdude62 Wrote: Great offerings here. I think you may have mislabeled your Simpson LE it looks like faux horn not jade. GLWTS!!

You are correct sir!  Fixed.  And thanks.

Jay K.

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