05-07-2017, 02:51 PM
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(05-07-2017, 08:29 AM)GreeneMD Wrote: Very Nice! 

I saw this on ETSY, I may pick up.

[Image: TYo6pLw.jpg]


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 05-08-2017, 06:22 PM
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Last night I pre-ordered one of those Range Travellr XL Dopp kits as well.  I have to probably wait until September because I was not an early bird contributor, but the bag looks worth the wait.  The leather is supposed to be outstanding as noted already.  I think it is goofy that they make people wait for those that order normally after the early bird bags are produced, but that is the way they are doing it.  I was hoping to have it for this summers vacation, nevertheless I am sure it will be worth the wait! 


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 12-10-2017, 08:20 PM
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My travel kit is pretty light. I do have a tiny sealable bottle that holds witch-hazel, but this is all I take as I carry-on only. 

[Image: FqbCj48.jpg]

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 12-12-2017, 12:34 AM
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Nathan, your Dopp kit looks luxurious and quite spacious. Now you have to go on vacation!

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