05-14-2017, 10:26 AM
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This is a virtually new 28mm Thater 4125(3) 2-band brush.  The 28mm knot measures 29.50mm at the base of the handle, and is set to a loft of 56.50mm.  A superb knot, but I prefer the smaller handle on my 26mm version of the same brush.  The knot features moderate backbone, along with the softness Thater is justifiably known for.  Additionally, the knot is a beautifully formed bulb.  I was inclined to keep it just for the knot, but I have too many brushes and only keep those which fit all my preferences.

This brush was used exactly one time.  Thereafter, it was cleaned with Dawn, soaked in a water/vinegar solution, thoroughly rinsed, and placed back in the box after it dried.  It has not shed a hair and has no cosmetic issues.

Price includes CONUS shipping by Priority Mail with insurance and tracking. 

The retail price on these is $200.00.  Sale price is $150.00.  

[Image: HhJ22si.jpg]

[Image: N8EFek9.jpg]

[Image: 68lqsCM.jpg]

[Image: x5U6zfR.jpg]

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 05-14-2017, 11:50 AM
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Sold.  Thanks to TSN and buyer.

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