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The only trade I am interested in is a quality straight razor of equal value.

Today I am offering up one of my vintage beauties.  This "Double Ring" design is simple yet classy and is in excellent condition.  The decal is long gone, probably washed away decades ago, but the beautiful shadow remains and with the tell-tale shape leaves no doubt who manufactured this brush.  The handle is a beautiful medium butterscotch and has no cracks, chips or any other defects.  The "Best Badger" knot is tall and thin (19mm x 53mm) and probably lends itself more to bowl lathering, though I had no problems using it to face lather with.  There is a bit of scritch, but very slight and easily tolerable even by this over-sensitive, super picky brush fanatic.  There is obviously no current retail price, but you can own this bit of history for $50.

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