05-26-2017, 03:22 AM
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Just got back from a little vacation, had a lot of fun. Again, I used our hand made ATT leather travel case. It makes traveling with a razor much easier. Razor and blades broken down into a nice convenient package. If you don' have one, you need one.

See them at;
[Image: large_4c077f56-039e-d39f_8d3663ee-b3a6-4...1483993910]
[Image: large_4c077f56-04e3-34f9_31032a21-2be3-4...1483993918]

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 05-26-2017, 07:09 AM
  • ARGH
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I have one and it is always with me when I travel! Excellent case!

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 05-26-2017, 07:32 AM
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Very nice Stan.. Doesn't look like an SE1 head would fit, can you clarify?

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 05-26-2017, 09:45 AM
  • Beau
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Fitting the SE head in an ATT Travel Case is no problem. Fitting the blades in there, however, is another story. I am able to squeeze the blade cartridge in mine alongside and below the head, but it makes things a bit tight. I would probably store the blade cartridge separately or, even better, use the case with double-edge razors and blades. 

[Image: 6K99n9f.jpg]

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