05-26-2017, 04:23 AM
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Today, to help finance a new brush purchase, I am offering my Simpson TSN LE M6 Manchurian Badger in Horn. I am the original owner. Brush has never shed a single hair. Ships with original box/packing. Absolutely Perfect condition. Photos reflect the brush after a shampoo and vinegar/water rinse. 
Price when new, over $185  Now discontinued.
Your price $160 Shipped CONUS/PayPal/No Trade Offers Please.
PM me if interested.
Thank you for reading.
[Image: x8bhsf6.jpg]

[Image: LL5utvO.jpg]

[Image: B3pYdeN.jpg]

[Image: 3eHtIrA.jpg]

[Image: wBlTbMd.jpg]

[Image: g6ybP6r.jpg]

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 05-26-2017, 06:41 AM
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Hello all,
I don't own calipers and am knot (sic) that technically minded, but here is a link to the Simpson Website detailing the M6. Caveat: the description is for a Best Badger knot and the TSN LE is Manchurian hair there may be slight discrepancies. 
The brush handle will be the same dimensions.


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 05-26-2017, 07:29 AM
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Withdrawn. No sale necessary.  Biggrin

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