05-28-2017, 06:26 AM
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hello everyone
1. I have razor bumps often, which shaving cream i should to buy: TOBS Sensitive Skin or TOBS Sandalwood ???
2. The shaving cream for sensitive skin can help me with the razor bumps ?
3. To which one has a better performance TOBS Sensitive Skin or TOBS Sandalwood ???

TOBS Sensitive Skin
[Image: taylor-old-bond-st-jermyn-st-shaving-cre...59.jpg?c=2]

TOBS Sandalwood
[Image: 91tjs%2BFYmAL._SX355_.jpg]

Thank you very much ....

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 05-28-2017, 07:00 AM
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TOBS Jermyn Street is a better overall performer imho.

But you can get a good deal of better quality creams like St. James, Esbjerg, Castle Forbes, Penhaligon, AOS, and others.

But TOBS Jermyn Street is the best of the two.

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 05-28-2017, 07:02 AM
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Your razor bumps may be related to your prep and shaving technique more than to the cream you're using. Where do you get the bumps?  They may be ingrown hairs.   I suggest only shaving with the grain in those areas, and avoid across the grain and against the grain passes.

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 05-28-2017, 07:33 AM
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There is a good article on avoiding razor bumps and ingrown hairs here:


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 05-28-2017, 12:55 PM
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Forgot about razor bumps.

They usually come from bad technique and poor prep.

Up your prep routine, focus on wetting your stubble completely before the shave and focus on building a better lather.
For some it takes 100+ tries to get the proper lather, for other it takes 3-5 attempts.

It took me 500+ shaves to get the proper lather with a wide range of soaps and creams.
Honestly it took me 500+ shaves, perhaps even 1000+ shaves to get the close to perfect lather and I'm still improving the finer details.

I don't discuss it so much in here anymore, but I'm still perfecting my lather. I would say it's almost 95% perfect every time, some times 99% perfect, but it all depends on the brush and soap/cream I use.

Regarding technique.

I always got fine shave with my Fusion razor, but for 3-4 years only used DE and SE razors, bu now I'm back to Fusion in quality handles.
My technique is, that I use very light touch with any razor, DE, SE or Fusion/Mach 3.
I have prety coarse stiff beard, so I need 3 passes with touch up, even with a Fusion, but I rarely ever use pressure, but have perfected my technique, so I strecth like with a straight razor to get an almost 95% perfect BBS shave every time and no razor bumps.

I'm now so consistent with gettting great shaves, that I have lost a bit of interest in writing on the forums about my shaves. I just shave now. With great results in 99/100 shaves.

Good luck !

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