05-29-2017, 05:58 PM
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[Withdrawn- please archive] Gents, the den clearing continues with a very nice Dubl Duck Special No. 1.  I've been saving it for a restoration, but have decided that straight razors are not my thing.  I would not say that it is perfectly shave ready, but it did rather easily pop some hairs from my forearm.  Might just need to be cleaned up a little and honed.  Anyway, I think that $50.00 plus shipping CONUS is a reasonable price.  

[Image: VYGD9oZ.jpg]

[Image: 364w3JV.jpg]

[Image: hQ3itz1.jpg]

[Image: wyp7UHa.jpg]

[Image: FQJCXY2.jpg]

[Image: 2ZxWJv7.jpg]

[Image: OLu8zss.jpg]

[Image: bi8xolP.jpg]

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