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(06-21-2017, 05:56 AM)ShadowsDad Wrote: Mel, I live in an area of the country where some things can be impossible to find. It's getting better but pretty much if it's not in the supermarket it won't be found. Where I'm going with this is I have found Amazon Prime to be a great friend. I got Prime to ditch Netflix, but since I also get free 2 day shipping it bring things of the world to me.


We have been Prime subscribers “forever”; when I placed a recent order on Amazon, I was told that I have “saved” $250 in shipping charges (since what date, I do not know) by paying the annual fee for Prime.  However, I have noticed that the “savings” are not as great as the convenience.  If I ordered one 16 oz. package of Belgian Pearl Sugar directly from Waffle Pantry, for instance, I would pay $8.89 + $4.99 USPS shipping = $13.88; if I ordered it by Amazon Prime, I would pay $12.89, for a $0.99 saving; but if I ordered a two-pack from Waffle Pantry, I would pay $12.98 + $6.99 shipping = $19.97, for which I would pay $20.89 through Amazon Prime, or $0.92 more.  An 8 oz. can of Bakewell Cream would cost me $11.99 through Amazon Prime, but only $5.25 direct from New England Cupboard.  (I do not know the shipping charges at the latter, because to find out I would have to go too far into the check-out procedure on the New England Cupboard website.)  

Tell me more about ditching Netflix.  We are not happy with Netflix, because we are not into movies that feature vehicles exploding in flames or movies where >50% of the characters die in a hail of bullets or extremely violent science fiction movies without plots but with too many special effects.  Most of the movies that we order on Netflix  these days go into the “Saved” queue:  we have more waiting there than we have in the “real” queue.  “Tom Jones” with Albert Finney has been in Saved for six years!  Ian McKellen in Richard III has been in there almost as long, as has Dangerous Liasons with John Malkovich.  We have looked into movies on Amazon Prime, but there seems to be no way to get beyond Amazon’s favorites (dreck!) to real motion pictures.  

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 06-21-2017, 12:19 PM
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I use an Amazon Firestick to access the movies through my cable modem and into the LG TV. Maybe it can be done through the computer but I haven't tried. I find the big screen to be much better than the computer monitor. BTW, we have a smart TV, but the firestick is so much less frustrating than using the smart TV functions. Possibly someone better with WiFi than I am would be able to access Prime movies on their computer and send them via the router to their TV.

If you have prime, the Firestick is (I think) $40 and that's the end of spending unless you initiate more. Prime has all sorts of movies. I don't know if they have as many as Netflix, but I'll find out. I intend to discontinue Netflix and see. Right now I have both. Lots of the movies are free, some through other services need to be rented or bought, but you'll know which is which before you spend $.

I'm still learning to use the firestick, but it's fairly easy so far. It takes voice commands through the remote to deliver what you want. It does require WiFi. If you want a genre or an actor, just tell Alexa and she'll put the choices in a list that you cursor through. You can also build a wishlist similar to Netflixs's queue. The firestick also allows youtube and I've found many full length movies there. It has lots of Apps for other movie services that require subscriptions. But Prime movies are free.

Roku provides similar functions, and we just bought one specifically to get streaming TV, but I couldn't get it to work. I couldn't even get the opening screen that asks the language we wanted the menus in, so it's going back.

Here are reviews of the Firestick: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_q...ick+review+

I was just playing with the firestick a bit more. It will do Kodi if someone is knowledgeable enough to do it. I'm not. It will also do other Android apps (ABC, NBC, NBC Sports, PBS, History, A&E, yada, yada) to include some streaming TV and shows. The Roku stick is definitely going back since it's superfluous now. The salesman was clueless and I asked if he was knowledgeable about it. No, he wasn't.

There is a MyT stick that easily does Android Apps. I'd really like to have Kodi and if its easy to get that app on it I just might buy one. Google Kodi to learn more. But in laymans terms, it's a universe of free shows; completely legal so I've been told.

Rumor has it that there are Firesticks on ebay that are pre loaded with Kodi. Of course they cost a bit more.

I hope that helps.

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