06-03-2017, 11:17 PM
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Hello and good day,

Bought a lot of new stuff so I'm selling others to cover the cost. All soaps were bought in 2017, except for B&M and CRSW which were bought in late 2016. Only shipping CONUS. Prices include priority shipping. PM your interests and questions.

Soap lot. Retail value is $91 and shipping fees. Selling for $55. Now $50. Selling the rest of the soap lot for $25 shipped.

Barrister & Mann Seville, used twice. SOLD
Mystic Water Maestrale, unused.
Mystic Water Jeff's Lavender, used once. SOLD
Mystic Water Unscented, unused
Cold River Soap Works Bergamot & Bay Select v2, used approximately 10-15 times. SOLD
Mike's Natural Soap Orange Cedarwood & Black pepper, used approximately 10-15 times
Mystic Water Unscented Shave stick, used 3 times

[Image: fef688cca8cdfebe721788a19dfb39293a1d8d0d_1_375x500.JPG]

[Image: 4d20d0d2d1a62cd093e0121d3bf7256404b74476_1_375x500.JPG]

[Image: 6c5e49c42df71d25b22a5fe6d70762d9edaf4666_1_666x500.JPG]

[Image: a8fa2f5467c8ced34f2079bcef60781de4bc1c77_1_666x500.JPG]

Thater Finest Silvertip Two band 4125/2 Bulb. Used 4 times, has not shed a hair. Bought from Straight Razor Design in April 2017. Retail $165. Selling for $120.

[/url][Image: 495380f33a968cb793a4d1f92287f374a0b1116f_1_375x500.JPG]

[Image: aa7fbe9e117d95c48b762849fcf33839ca5fef88_1_375x500.JPG]

[Image: 5251a700410fa15ce3dfb419454b0e769efba484_1_375x500.JPG]

[Image: 98e479c0f0d012a9eb66bb459ff7d6da7700967e_1_375x500.JPG]

[Image: 942170ff571468456e81756ce0433f2d241eeb87_1_375x500.JPG]

[Image: b654f7330e710165bbc0561caf0285570ff2ddc4_1_375x500.JPG]

Assortment of vintage blades. 85 blades for $70. Now $60.

Will throw in the 14 Gillette Spoilers, just opened, without a case making it 99 blades in the lot.

These blades will last for weeks! I averaged around 30 shaves per blade with these vintage blades compared to the 6-10 shaves with a modern blade.

[Image: 5ed31c3bc109225dee60f4cc3b0defdf03f9bb6d_1_666x500.JPG]

[Image: 27e823c924181fee26de8016bda02ca3eab76551_1_666x500.JPG]

[Image: 12ad3526fdf9a7b92e62bb6e85118eb060806c6c_1_666x500.JPG]

[Image: 712a2a3cf6b46446a58cd7f083094111d6176c69_1_666x500.JPG]

[Image: c83059b7fc753726b24abff391761d010411b7a6_1_666x500.JPG]

[Image: 4ca6db70ebf135e9691acb8078b816a15802a9cd_1_666x500.JPG]

Shake Sharp, bakelite version. Takes DE blades and holds them extremely rigid. $60. Now $50.

[Image: 02cddfb115e48ab5b6a77972573136d5981fd2b2_1_666x500.JPG]

[Image: 8f6e4c7e6c11ef0684ae6cd2e8eb6a4c0113b877_1_375x500.JPG]

[Image: aa35e4e08cd7fab9f8e95849046430449005782a_1_375x500.JPG]

[Image: 3305a024c459056c02c337898258dff405b95b41_1_375x500.JPG]

[Image: c336f8e0de933c68c2f78ea5b8023e0599a73c66_1_375x500.JPG]

[Image: 5cd0790204c699121f79b30f32f056a84cb9cbb6_1_375x500.JPG]

[Image: 649db51487c172b8d8d6c408446a9ad8df265eee_1_375x500.JPG]


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 06-05-2017, 01:13 PM
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Reducing vintage blade lot to $60, soap lot to $50, and Shake Sharp to $50.

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 06-05-2017, 02:28 PM
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Great deal on that soap lot, if I didn't have a few of those already I would be scooping this up... as I'm sure someone else will do shortly!

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 06-05-2017, 11:21 PM
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Sold the CRSW, B&M, and Mystic Water Jeff's Lavender from the soap lot. Selling the remaining soaps from the soap lot for $25 shipped.

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 06-06-2017, 10:57 PM
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Blades are sold!

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 06-07-2017, 09:37 PM
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Shake Sharp is now sold. Thanks TSN!

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