06-04-2017, 07:09 AM
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Pains me, but sometimes it's best to listen to the queen's nose...in hopes that she would like the Diamond, I stacked up on these as I thoroughly enjoy the scent, but she doesn't. I'd rather trade for another B&M, New Cold River Soapworks soap, or sell it.

Method of payment is Paypal.

Shipping is not included. It is $3 for shipping to CONUS. International ask for prices.

- Unused/New B&M Diamond - $19 (retails for the same...or $19.99 to be exact)
- SOLD!!! Unused/New B&M Diamond - $19 

[Image: aDqvngS.jpg]
[Image: QaCwFyp.jpg]

Comment if you have Pm'd or are interested in buying/trading. 
**I am only interested in trading for other B&M or the newer Cold River soapworks soaps. NEW/UNUSED. But if you think a trade can be done, please feel free. I am picky with my soaps, just FYI.**

Thank you for looking!

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 06-04-2017, 11:50 AM
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One has sold, only one left!

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