06-04-2017, 10:06 AM
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SOLD - Thank you TSN - Please archive - Offering my gently used King Cobra razor as I have been using my slant more often than not these days.  This is a great razor and not readily available.  New this cost $239.00.  No issues whatsoever.  Will let this one go for $175.00 plus shipping CONUS.  Original box not included as it was made out of flimsy cardboard and is long gone.  Pics are part of the description.  Not looking to trade.

[Image: CjCxSvl.jpg]

[Image: RjbwE2A.jpg]

[Image: 8ayobgD.jpg]

[Image: jIsu4Vm.jpg]

[Image: IUPhHlH.jpg]

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