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Yesterday I wrote this : RazoRock shave gel and I could basically copy word by word what I wrote about the RazoRock pre shave gel,even when this contains some Eucaliptus and Tea Tree Essential Oils.

I quote myself :

Quote:When RazoRock was created,the idea of the founders was to offer great shaving products with low prices.Well,Im afraid they have archived both goals and this is another great example of it : the shave gel.

This shave gel could be use as a proper shave gel (ha!) or as a pre shave gel/oil,as I have been using it with excellent results.My skin is very dry and sensitive,so I have started to use pre shave oils more frequent now,and I can tell you,that this shave gel puts to shame to 3 times more expensive pre shave oils,like the Truefitt and Hill,for example (and I love how the T&H pre shave oil smells,but its not as effective as this one).

This shave gel is made in Canada and have the following natural ingredients :

[Image: P1250124.JPG?m=1345500993]

Water, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Potassium Hydroxide, Sugar, Vegetable Glycerin, Sodium Borate, Essential oils (Eucalyptus and Tea Tree)

So,its basically the same than the regular RazoRock pre shave oil,but with Tea Tree and Eucaliptus essential oils,instead of the other EO that the RR regular pre shave has.

This pre shave oil has a very nice Eucaliptus scent,very fresh and clean.No mentol at all,so dont expect that menthol kick,like in the Proraso pre/post shave.

And,like the RazoRock pre shave oil,I can,again,quote myself regarding its properties and how good this product is (as well as inexpensive for such a good quality and skin care properties)

Quote:This shave gel is,of course,brushless,and doesnt leaves a "greasy" or oily residue during of after the shave,something that I cant say of other pre shave oils,specially if you use more than you need.

I notice that everytime I use this oil,the skin is so well nourished after the shave,as well as smooth and hydrated : as I said,I have very dry,sensitive skin and I appreciate this a lot.

This shave gel contains 120ml and it cost around 10 bucks.Ok,lets see,the Art of Shaving pre shave oil contains 60 ml and cost 25 dollars...the Truefitt and Hill contains 2 OZ and cost 30 dollars...is this pre shave a bargain?YES,it is.

Both of the RazoRock pre shave gels I have tried so far are excellent.The next one I should try in the Lavender one.Also the new Beard Lube,which something is telling me,its gonna be good too.

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