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Hello everyone,

Reality hit me in the face when I did a count and realized that I have more than 5 years worth of soap. I am splitting the soap that I am selling into 2 separate lots. Will only ship the soaps within the United States. I will ship the same day, if not the next day. Shipping is included with price shown. PM your interests and questions. 

Soap lot 1. Selling for $50. Retail is $72 plus shipping. 
Castle Forbes Lavender, used a spoon to take out the soap 4 times as seen in picture 2
Valobra Unscented, used 5 times
Selling these 2 soaps together because I believe they create the best super lather.

[Image: 7d264f147aac29dd70d0a267be2c929385e5da63_1_666x500.JPG]

[Image: 885e914744f4b49c57741db2fab68432f0b1702b_1_666x500.JPG]

[Image: c74df76c78a0bc23d1958e1c3286c81c2f55b332_1_666x500.JPG]

[Image: fe8eef41ab5c50ef570f8b55b50c57afcbd14303_1_666x500.JPG]

Soap lot 2. Selling for $25. Retail is $48 plus shipping.
Mystic Waters Maestrale unused
Mike's Natural Orange Cedarwood & Black peppermint, used approximately 10-15 times. Dropped the tin and dented it after taking pictures.
Mystic Water Unscented unused
Mystic Water Unscented stick, used 3 times

[Image: 87015b3401cde0f927069b4281073848d195fc6b_1_375x500.JPG]

[Image: 071ac07daf6fca2dcb798b25258e94cf582cbcc8_1_375x500.JPG]

[Image: a1f699429cab1e3dc893e6235d48c634be4a985e_1_375x500.JPG]


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