06-07-2017, 01:36 PM
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I found this today at the local thrift store. I do not recall seeing this design. It is a quality piece of pottery. The glazing is excellent. I have included three pics of the top and the branding on the bottom. I tried my best to make the brand more readable but this is the best I can do.  Also, I am not sure how one is to use this piece of pottery. I guess you fill the large trough with hot water which will make it "scuttle like"?  Dip the brush in to the trough while making lather?  A most unusual design.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.  BTW - the cost was $1.99.  A good find.

[Image: eY9UAzW.jpg][Image: HTKBFYf.jpg][Image: a5EP0pr.jpg][Image: 4TwOtXG.jpg]

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