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Some of my favorites that need a new home...CONUS and PayPal. Please just PM me since I won't be checking the thread. Thanks for looking...

(1) Gillette NEW Short Comb head. Underside of baseplate is Dremel-ground to accommodate larger diameter handle.
12 shipped.
[Image: rePK6Ok.jpg]

 [Image: Wn9f87W.jpg]
(2) Utopia razor. I like mine (check out reviews!) and this has been my never used backup. Chrome plated brass handle and I believe head, too. Efficient and to my face a little more aggressive than the EJ 89 I used to have. Retail Amazon Prime for newest version $14.99.
$12 shipped.
 [Image: 9UvudOx.jpg]
(3) Ikon Bulldog II stainless handle in very good condition. Retail $52 shipped from Shave Nation; no longer manufactured.
$35 shipped.
 [Image: sCK0XIa.jpg]
[Image: wtZaW20.jpg]

(4) Maggard MR5 stainless bamboo handle (lightly used) with V3A aggressive head (new) and V3 standard head (lightly used). Total discounted retail from Maggard $34.90 + shipping.
$26 shipped.
 [Image: Ic79yuM.jpg]

(5) Rockwell stainless razor stand (about 13.5 mm  /  ½” hole diameter), 195 Rockwell blades. Retail from Maggard $24.95 + $9.99/100 blades = just under $45 + shipping.
$32 shipped.
[Image: aCucXEJ.jpg]

(6) FT: Stirling Mountain Man new, 4.5 oz. refill puck. Retail $10 + shipping.
CRSW Puro Fresco Select, about 65-70% of a 4 oz. container. Retail $19 incl. shipping for 4 oz.

Only interested in equivalent trade for WSP soaps (well, maybe the right Mike’s Natural)

[Image: hbf4zRt.jpg]

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