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Hi everyone. I'm new to this forum, but not to shaving. I started out with cartridges in my teens, then used DE's for a while before going to an electric while I worked two jobs and needed to shave quickly. Now I am using DE's again with good or great soaps and cream and a few aftershaves that I like. My current equipment is an ATT R2 that I use the most by far. I also have an R41 that I use once in a while, and a couple of Gillette New types that I rarely use. Oh...and an Oristo is on the way. I am really high on Stirling's Margaritas in the Arctic soap and AS, and WSP Rustic Sandalwood and Sandalwood AS. Other favorites are Stirling's Bay Rum soap and Captains Co9T aftershave, and Proraso green tube cream and green AS. My brushes are a Thater 4125 Super Badger, a Simpson Commodore X3 best badger, and a nice custom handle with a new synth. I look forward to helping out with information when possible, and I'm sure I will learn some things from more experienced shavers. Some other interests of mine are sports, especially football, motorcycles, and automobiles. I also used to race bicycles. I'm cool with discussing any of those things as well as my job as the Records Manager in my County's Archives department. I'm not touching politics, though.

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Welcome, Puma!  Looking forward to your contributions.

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Welcome and Enjoy the Forum!

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Welcome top TSN Puma.  We're glad you joined and look forward to your participation.

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We're glad you're here too - welcome aboard and enjoy the ride Smile

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Welcome to TSN Puma!

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Glad you are here!  Welcome!

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Welcome to TSN  Wave1

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Hi and welcome!

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Welcome to TSN.

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Welcome to TSN!

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