06-12-2017, 10:49 PM
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Hi guys, I wanted to share the fun and try to move some of my vintage razors. As you can see, these are a bit different than your usual vintage Gillettes and should provide a fun exploration in this hobby of ours. 

Most of these were exchanged and/or impulse buys. Prices are with shipping included (which is usually the bigger part of the final price). Will ship worldwide.
If you're interested in something and would like to discuss trades, multiple purchase discount or shipping options, PM me and we'll work something out.

Descripton of every razor as well as pictures are provided below:

Gillette Slim Twist - The Knack  (Made in England code V 2) with case - 20$
Condition: cracked handle and while mechanically correct, one door is a bit "lazy". Perfectly usable. The case is almost perfect.

 Wizamet W4 with case - 15$
 This is a Gillette Slim Twist clone made by Polish company Wizamet (yes, that Wizamet). 
 Condition: cracked handle, chipped case edge, cracked but glued case door. Mechanically correct.

Gillette Slim Twist made by Rotbart - 15$ each
To my knowledge, these were made by Rotbart under Gillette licence or after Gillette acquired Rotbart. I have two of these and are in almost perfect condition.
Condition: very good

Vintage Astra razor with case - 20$
These are Gillette Slim Twist clones made by Astra (yes, that Astra). The handle is a bit different than original Gillette Slim Twist and imo prettier. 
Condition: very good

Vintage Astra razor (without case) - 15$
Condition: same as above.

Wizamet Junior with case - 15$ 
This is a Wizamet aluminium razor, a bit roughed up. The case is decent and I'm seeing it beeing a selling point Wink.
Condition: average. The razor contour is without damage although there might be slight dent on one of the safety bars (not 100% sure). Surface as seen in picture, i.e. not very good. I'm sure it could be polished though.
The case is in good condition.

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 06-13-2017, 05:04 AM
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Very cool!  Best of luck....

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 06-19-2017, 11:20 PM
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In an attempt to sell, 5$ off every item. 
It's practically shipping cost only. 
As always, trade offers welcome.

EDIT: Forgot to add, I'm on the on the lookout for the Merkur 34C and would be interested in trading.

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