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I am looking to sell or trade these two replacements strops. Both are Straight Razor Designs 3"

Leather- 3" -couple very small nicks. I am not sure what SRD leather this is. I know it is NOT a Latigo and NOT a English Bridle. I have both of those and this leather piece is in between these as far as draw is concerned. Retail for replacement leather is $49.99. Since I am not positive I will go with the cheapest retail being $34.99 which is the Latigo leather (which I am positive it is not).  $25 shipped CONUS

SRD 3" pressed wool strop- only the material strop is for available, not the whole strop as pictured. No nicks or cuts. Retail $22.99 $15 shipped CONUS

Razor also not available. Used a a reference point for close up pics. 

Willing to work out a trade for a SRD Premium Fabric strop material.

[Image: dD419wQ.jpg]

[Image: Al3ZkVO.jpg]

[Image: ykjnwov.jpg]

[Image: OHkRHYl.jpg]

[Image: jB6nPti.jpg]

[Image: 5LDhO9C.jpg]

[Image: LH3wH3R.jpg]

[Image: 5NvtRg2.jpg]

[Image: jQsNCsK.jpg]

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