06-15-2017, 07:14 AM
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For sale is a mint condition beautiful West Coast Shaving (Charcoal Goods collaborated) stainless steel razor that is on the mild side but easily shaves as good or better then a Edwin Jagger/Muhle/Merkur razor. The head was designed by Brian @Charcoal Goods as well as the handle. The handle is called Hollywood but it's identical to the famous bishop design inspired by Brian. Handle length 90 mm and weight is 2.9 oz. Wooden coffin included also a Charcoal Goods design.
made and designed in the USA

Listed currently at a discount price of $155 (normally $180)
My price $145 with USA shipping included

[Image: cIwUqX7.jpg][Image: nqNUtyn.jpg][Image: 7qzIYYe.jpg]

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