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(06-20-2017, 12:27 PM)WegianWarrior Wrote: Quando; EdT was developed several centuries BEFORE flushing toilets were reinvented in Europe. By pure logic the original purpose CAN NOT have been what you propose to do.

EdT can be traced back to late medivial time;  Queen Elisabeth of Hungary (1305–1380) created a mix of fragrant rosemary oil and alcohol that was known as "eau de la reine de hongrie", today considered to be the forerunner to the modern EdT. A couple of centuries later King of France Louis XIV (1638–1715) used a concoction of scents called "heavenly water" to perfume his shirts; It consisted of aloewood, musk, orange flower, rose water and other spices. The flushing toilet (aka WC) was developed into a usable form around 1775 and started being installed in fashionable houses around that time.

That toilettes were un-flushable, I think, would lend more credence, to my claim, as they would certainly need to be deodorized, in that case.  One would not need flushing toilets in order to want the water in them to smell nice.  

Also, you could, as easily, call what the Hungarians made 'aftershave,' as you could 'Eau de Toilette.'

Furthermore, for the purpose I described, EdT was always used, in the houses I stayed in, growing up in France, and, the Swiss.  

Telling me this was not the intended purpose, and, insisting that you know better, is growing quite tiresome.

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 06-20-2017, 04:03 PM
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Gentlemen, I think we have sufficiently discussed the topic of spraying EdT in the toilet.  This thread is closed.

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