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Here is a dymondwood turned handle by LoveYourShave's Vladimir Ferdman with a very luxurious and ooey gooey soft gel tipped 2 band finest, fan shaped badger knot (The Golden Nib). This is $45 SOLD shipped CONUS with a screw top grey Muhle travel tube.

One, the handle is beautiful, ergonomic and shaped like a Persian Jar handle. This brush is about as soft as you can get when it comes to a badger brush. It is going to have splay and give to the knot. It is on the small/medium size so it is very manageable on the face. There is free loft so when painting on the skin, you can use the entire height to your advantage and apply the lather easily with excellent release. This is also good for circular motions, although still does splay and is very soft and offers no exfoliation. This is appropriate for VERY sensitive skin as well as daily shaving where you want something that has NO scrub, very soft tips and allows you to face lather as long as you want without any brush burn. I will absolutely miss this brush! 

Knot Diameter-24.3mm
Loft Height-47.1mm
Canopy Height-13mm
Bloom Width-58mm

[Image: NXjmncC.jpg][Image: Sc4eNLt.jpg]
[Image: vF803Mp.jpg][Image: d61CFSQ.jpg][Image: aW1beBU.jpg][Image: H6P5IVA.jpg][Image: SPSaP6h.jpg]

Here is a beautiful and colorful dymondwood handle turned by Vladimir Ferdman. I asked him to do something that was close to an MF Emillion style shape. The knot is The Golden Nib High Mountain White. This was from an incredible batch from late 2013 and was super clean out of the box and after a few washes it was apparent that this was super gel tipped! The hairs are this, or appropriately silver tip and 3 banded. The know was set to be soft and very good with flow through and release. Backbone will not be something that is firm. This would be perfect for someone needing a badger brush with EXTREME softness, no scritch, no scrub, just uber soft gel tips, appropriate for daily shaving use.

The knot itself was $56 and the handle was turned custom by Vladimir at the time with a couple other handles. This brush will be shipped in a Muhle grey twist top travel tube. Shipped CONUS via USPS for $65 paypal.

Knot Diameter-24.8mm
Loft Height-50.9mm
Canopy Height-16.2mm
Bloom Width-60.5mm

[Image: 7PzPlBa.jpg][Image: Kvb2stl.jpg][Image: hQw2hTX.jpg][Image: 2gxXmjl.jpg][Image: jnGOMOi.jpg][Image: dQERVX0.jpg]

This is a Shave Revolution Manchurian fan shaped 2 fan. This is a very firm, more 2 band hair that has very white and hooked gel tips. This has some of the best sorting so visually this is a wonderful brush. Has excellent backbone (will work well with Mystic Water in order to pick up product well) but combined with the fan shape, you get a good amount of coverage on the face. When using painting strokes, you will still feel the density and it will have some resistance so it will not splay or bloom too much. If you like a brush that has the ability to do both circles and painting, will have some but not a lot of give but will have no scritch or scrub.

Original price when it was still available was $60 SOLD. I will ship CONUS via USPS for $55 with a screw top travel tube.

Knot Diameter-24.2mm
Loft Height-46.9mm
Canopy Height-15.7mm
Bloom Width-62mm

[Image: 6jFOiOA.jpg][Image: Gl8wb9K.jpg][Image: pkJ6TMd.jpg][Image: HvWCuPi.jpg][Image: HcAjtEH.jpg][Image: bry2uqA.jpg][Image: LcI4eeq.jpg]

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Very Nice and great description. Sending a PM

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 06-19-2017, 01:54 AM
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TGN 2 band Finest has sold.

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 06-19-2017, 12:36 PM
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Manchurian Sold. HMW remains.

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