06-24-2017, 05:33 PM
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Disclaimer: Got this for free from a The Holy Black (THB) raffle.  The guys do cool give away every now and then (check them on Instagram).  There was no solicitation for a review; they literally put you on a spinner and pick a name at random.  I believe this particular model of shavette is no longer sold by THB.

So my first time using a half-DE blade shavette.  

So the bad news. This thing is like a samurai sword and is VERY unforgiving, even worse then a Feather DX with 'super blades'. I nicked myself a couple of times in random places on my face.  The blade doesn't hold very tightly in the holder and the black paint is flaking off in some key areas.  I would venture to guess that THB stopped selling this particular razor due to QC issues.

The good news.  This razor is VERY close shaving, closer than I could even get with the aforementioned Feather DX+Super combo.  Once I learned to hold it up closer to the blade to pinch down on the handle and to use a VERY steep angle (almost flat against my face) I started to get excellent results.  

Lesson learned, respect the razor and it will respect you.  NOT recommended for a newbie, definitely recommended for everyone else.  Especially as a 'clean up' final BBS pass razor.

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