06-25-2017, 01:24 PM
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[Image: f6e539f82d8c75bdec25d1cd7d9c3638.jpg]
[Image: 206659e8d6d1cffb210f27e2034254c2.jpg]

Weber stainless steel DE safety razor with Bulldog Handle. Purchased used at $120 selling for $85 (SOLD)

[Image: bff0bdc6187c0ff506eb23343de2482d.jpg]

[Image: d11607f4c2b4db050696f22466885df9.jpg]

Asylum RX SE Purchased new at $230 selling now for $165 dropped from $189 and $210. This is a great razor and tough for me to let go. (SOLD)

[Image: d7e03d61606516bdf2093624b9020f09.jpg]

[Image: 3ddd6c742463df2ce422bd39483c0979.jpg]

Used Gem razors I purchased for $30 selling both for $11 (SOLD)

[Image: 87412ae67e5e0fabd70f483602133966.jpg]

Mongoose 2 SE head only purchased new at $144 selling for $99

Please PM me with questions. CONUS only and will combine shipping items.

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 06-27-2017, 05:47 PM
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What a deal on the Weber

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