06-27-2017, 05:53 PM
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I have for sale two beloved badger brushes used lightly in a den I'm downsizing. All prices include shipping, CONUS only. Please PM if your interested.
First, a famed Semogue SOC badger brush 24x52-3 by my calipers.  Some of the tips are starting to curl nicely.  Thankfully this one is a backup (I would never be w/o an SOC). $50 shipped (retails for ~$90) SOLD!
Then, a Whipped Dog ivory colored handle restored with an amazing badger knot (I can't remember the knot maker, but the tips are super soft with nice backbone).  25x50 by my calipers. This is a weighty yet nicely balanced brush. Probably gonna regret this one. $50 shipped
Take both for $92 shipped.
[Image: a88af4533ea2d5c9fc00306b3fa510aa.jpg]
[Image: 399f75d19bb04b45e003a3249c1a8904.jpg]
[Image: 5666c5a9ee8298c94e852f177e7022c1.jpg]
[Image: ba014ec04577628d90cb5de5aeeee1b7.jpg]
[Image: 6e5642a316ad9d1652df2cd9e4cf390b.jpg]
[Image: 85896c9a6b20fb41e062e0b96b86e1af.jpg]
[Image: e76feb75f59ad8ded6f8d55d97bf7849.jpg]

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 06-27-2017, 07:32 PM
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Semogue SOC . . .  SOLD!

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