07-01-2017, 10:03 PM
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For your consideration; a cased 1948 Aristocrat #15; 75g of Rhodium luxury; English made Australian set. Considered among the most aggressive Aristocrats and reason being that it does not meet my personal preferences.

Razor was re-plated in Rhodium by Razor Emporium. It is an excellent working order. The pics don't show the very minor re-plate imperfections around the two smooth rings on the handle. The razor was so badly corroded when I sent it to Matt that he tried two re-plates. It does not affect the beautiful aesthetics of this razor.

The case and blade holder are in excellent order and the felt lining is in great condition. The exterior of the case is in great shape with no rust.

Asking $300 and includes shipping, CONUS. The only trade I would consider is a cased English Aristocrat #16 in like condition.

PM me with any questions[Image: 11b63d6792e3349b0d11ad44340d2f30.jpg][Image: b7d2006ef509bd6375445e31a81a100e.jpg][Image: 03b5d3132ad5b1e4ce9979499667e163.jpg][Image: a3a8a1f968b89474a258a72a05fe8fc1.jpg][Image: a298badd8a89cc8518bc44d043ce2402.jpg][Image: d2369e4fd80ab673a4a4c639c4e0403b.jpg][Image: 97a7702f7d8f569b958ec369f347d39c.jpg]

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