07-02-2017, 04:58 AM
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Our Single Edge razors the SE1 and SE2 have been very popular since their roll out last year. These razors use artisan blades such as the Feather Pro and Kai Titan Mild blades. These blades are wider and stiffer than DE blades. This difference provides an altogether different shaving experience. Unlike other SE razors the ATT SE has a rounded cap so you can find your shaving angle quicker. We put together features of a SE razor with some of the traits of a DE. The result was a very intuitive device. We introduced our SE razors with a new Bamboo handle as well. So check out the Above the Tie Bamboo SE1. The SE1 aggression level is in the range of our R plates. However, If you like a more aggressive shaver go for the SE2, the only machined open comb SE on the market. This razor is notably more efficient than its SE1 cousin. The SE2 is in the H plate range of efficiency. Our SE razor is available with any ATT handle. Check them out at;


[/url][Image: 19599013_1449514038475804_70503951558072...e=5A08ECBE]
[Image: 19554950_1449514965142378_24561820093753...e=59D119C0]
[Image: 19665512_1449515285142346_10211758406944...e=5A11FCA2]
[Image: 19702454_1449516208475587_20972372415843...e=59D8B887]

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 07-02-2017, 09:57 AM
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I love my SE2, Stan. Thanks for making it!

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 07-04-2017, 08:02 AM
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First shave with the SE1 this morning. Great 3-pass shave with no irritation and BBS result. I highly recommend the SE1. Thanks Stan!

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