07-03-2017, 09:44 AM
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The rare Gem D. O.C. is in fantastic shape with no rust and some brassing only around the teeth. All teeth are straight and aligned. I find it to be more aggressive than it's straight bar sibling. I prefer the sibling. Bought from a fellow TSN member. Asking $75.

Cella soap; about half brick left. Bought from fellow TSN member. I cut off a 2" x 2" square to try out. Incredibly long lasting. Has been stored in a dark and air tight container. Only opened to cut the square. Easily compresses in a shave bowl. Retails for $37, yours for $15. Will consider a trade for lightly used CRSW Puro Fresco, Artica, Vetiver, or Tropicos. Also Mike's Hungarian Lavender, Orange Cedarwood, or Lime.

To save on shipping; special offer for both $85.

All shipping costs included, CONUS.

All of you have a happy 4th.[Image: 556913646dcb242f053dc5cced4120e9.jpg][Image: 75c93183973c23f5f1e90f8849c1a44c.jpg][Image: 5bdfd6a6c376bc3edb0457bc46c6df6e.jpg][Image: dee322c44ca4d3036e0f10c4f96f10d7.jpg][Image: 662d91e43f168b9f8f24eeaea9b817db.jpg][Image: 8a615e8c02351c4c915284dac02033fe.jpg]

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