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Drop in Price For sale Thinning the herd.
Hart Steel Straight Razor. Used 4-5 times . Cost $279 new Asking $150 shipping included (CONUS only). 6/8 round tip. Comes with extra scale and leather jacket with original box.
See pictures below.

[Image: 2d8c8acb2f70b65d20ac2b5d9988d390.jpg][Image: 41592eb056159099ff2a4b4e25b27659.jpg]
Str8t 2- Daisha 350 made of Iron Sand Yasuki Steel Bought for$300 Asking $175 shipping (CONUS only) included. Comes with jacket. See pic below.
[Image: 727a542ccc52f8b7eb2e2a7d94dc3159.jpg][Image: 25cac45510814cae4977b9316b59275b.jpg]

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