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Two Gillette Super Speeds:
1)  Gillette " Black-Handled " Super Speed DE TTO safety razor.  What makes this one unusual to me is that every other black-handled SuperSpeed I've ever had has the Gillette "diamond" logo with a date code and this one has neither.  On the underside of the razor, it just says "Gillette" but no date code or other info.  I think that means it was made somewhere after 1978, but I'm not sure, maybe someone can tell us.  It shows some cosmetic wear as the pics show, but not bad.  Overall decent looking and works as well as ever.  I'll take $17.50 including shipping.
[Image: FTo0qrU.jpg]
[Image: MzVapac.jpg]
More pics in next post below

2)  This is a 1953 ( Y date code) Gillette SuperSpeed double edge safety razor.  Even though this one was made in 1953, it is among the style of razor that is referred to as a "40s style" SuperSpeed as most of this style were made in the 1940s.  This one is in nice condition, has maintained most of its shine and plating, with just a few areas of cosmetic wear showing as you see in the pics.  The butterfly doors open and close well, but the TTO mechanism is a little stiffer than my other TTO razors.  Works fine, just a little harder to turn than usual.  Both of these razors have been cleaned and disinfected, ready to use.  I'll take $16.50 including shipping.
[Image: Z6Wq9tG.jpg]

[Image: VrTuwTZ.jpg]

[Image: ePIikGx.jpg]

More pics below

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More pics of black handle SS
[Image: tdRrzfE.jpg]
[Image: Ds8PT0q.jpg]
[Image: 0JvkfaG.jpg]

More pics of '53:
[Image: ZEk73kQ.jpg][Image: IM6y5E1.jpg]

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Look great, 

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