07-04-2017, 09:42 PM
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This is a weird question ... 
I was making a tour of all the places in my area that said they did 'straight razor' shaves.  Well - none of them used actual straight razors, but they were more of a shavette-style.

One shop showed off their 'handles' and I was one that was different than all the others.  It had a hinge near the heel of the blade and it held the blade in place with a side opening 'door'.
I didn't ask much about it - but I was curious ... did it take DE?  Or Artist Club style blades?  

I went back about two weeks later and asked about it ... the lady I spoke with said the shop owner came and took them - he replaced them with others saying that they were too hard to clean (I guess for a business shaving many different people.)

So she said I couldn't contact the owner, but she would pass my number along to him ... no call ... now I am really curious to know more about this shavette-style razor and can't find anything out about it.

Any help?

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