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(07-07-2017, 08:16 PM)pbrmhl Wrote: Thanks, @never2close. My home has no air-conditioning, as I live in a place where high temperatures are relatively rare (as are air-conditioning systems). There's no light in the bathroom where I store my aftershaves. I'm pretty sure my bathroom is the best place to keep the stuff, notwithstanding the degree or two of heat that's added when I take a shower. I'll keep storing about 100 of my 130 or so aftershaves on my bathroom counter without stress.

P.S. I keep my colognes in a different bathroom without a shower and no light. It's also perhaps the most stable temperature room in the house. I'm content with that, as well.

rare high temperatures I get it. did hit 100 here in sweet home last year.  thought i'd die

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