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This is a translation from my original post in AfeitadoClasico and foroafeitado.

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[Image: 8XdgUTb.jpg]
Aqua (Water), Stearic Acid, Cocos Nucifera Oil, Sodium Hidroxide, Royal Jelly Extract, Calendula Officinalis, Parfum, Benzyl Salicylate, Limonene, C.I. 14720
[Image: AoKG0sY.jpg?2]
2.- PRICE (Scoring from 1 to 10): 9
The official price in Extrocosmesi web is 16.90€, shipping to be added and maybe there is a possibility to speak with Donato Ciniello (who is always a pleasure to do business with) We are not talking about the top line pricing, and it’s really a good value as we are talking about 150 ml content.
3.- PACKAGING – PRESENTATION (Scoring from 1 to 10): 10
Glass can with plastic lid that fits perfectly. Very wide mouth that facilitates access to the product.
[Image: FzFksx2.jpg]
4.- SOAP LOADING (Scoring from 1 to 10): 8
We are talking about a morbid soap, and for this my way to use it is to take a portion like a pea size and stick it in a bowl (when I use it) or in the brush tips and lather. You can perfectly load from the can but then you should remember to let the soap dry well (leave it open) to avoid altering its properties
I have used two Finest brushes, two synthetic and one boar with excellent performance with all of them. When I have used a Silvertip took me a little more time for lathering due to the hair softness but in the end a lather explosion.
[Image: vSbxA67.jpg]
5.- EXPECTED LENGTH (Scoring from 1 to 10): 8
We are given 150 ml of product, so we may be talking about more than half year with daily basis use. If we enter in rotations, could be eternal
6.- PERFORMANCE OR CAPACITY FOR LATHERING (Scoring from 1 to 10): 10
This is really a lather machine maker, with almost no effort to make a great cream. Quite easy to apply and with a great performance
This is my bowl with a soap load applied to the base. Will use a Plisson L’Occitane, very well known for everyone
[Image: 2N2fxzp.jpg]
In 15-18 seconds we can see that we have lather without any problem
[Image: 11fi3KW.jpg]
Before one minute we have a lather festival
[Image: 4lKFVus.jpg]
7.- PROPORTION OR RATIO WATER/SOAP (Scoring from 1 to 10): 8
It needs some water to create the foam. We cannot leave the brush quite dry, better said, with the brush quite dry takes us half a minute more to create the lather, because it makes it as well, but with a little water addition is a real party
8.- LATHER QUALITY (Scoring from 1 to 10): 10
Excellent lather in all aspects: Aroma, quantity, quality, really awesome
9.- EFFICACY – PROTECTION AND RAZOR SLIDING (Scoring from 1 to 10): 10
I use straight razor and have been really effective every time, protecting your skin, with a good sliding even without pre-shave oil. Honestly, I have been really surprised by the product quality
No strange feelings nor allergic reactions. In fact, it’s quite lenitive.
I have myself a moderate sensitive skin and have gotten no problems at all with this soap. Really nice sensations and leave your skin really nice. Just like the top soaps
12.- AROMA:
I love it, an old school Barber aroma, with a citric point and subtle elegant sweetness (elegant, nor cloying like many British aromas). Meaning that when you open it you are willing to take a spoon and taste it jejejejeje. Really nice and rich. Have an accurate mix between a light balsamic, some spices and wood. Everything really balanced, there is no profile that outweighs the others. Very well integrated.
I find it hard to find flaws in the soap. An excellent product at all levels and with a value for money that many products would like. I was very pleasantly surprised and it is one of the few soaps that I would say without hesitation to have it replaced and never missing in my den. I am finishing products to empty the den and limit the inventory, but this is a soap that without doubt will be on the list of fixed.

Thank you so much everyone

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Thank you for a thorough review.  From the color I would have guessed that it was a rose scent, but that's not what you describe.  I can see some taking issue with the use of a dye (C.I. 14720), but if the performance is good that may not be important to others.

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This sounds like an interesting soap.  Did you notice if your brush was discolored at all from the dye?

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This dye is quite used in Europe (Myrsol Plastic shave and some pediatric medicins) and I have foud no color in the brush after using it

No roses on the aroma, an elegant barber old school aroma

Thank you

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I have the lotion, don't have the soap. I bought it about 2+ years ago. Nice product, but I don't use it that often. The scent, which is a fougere type, is unique for sure, I'm not a huge fan.

However, Donato has a very nice cologne, the Colonia Italiana. It's a copy of ADP.

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Great review, thanks very much!

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