07-10-2017, 10:18 AM
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I have the Morocco shave soap. It is heavy on the smoke. Do any one have the Morocco aftershave, if so what is the scent profile like.

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 07-11-2017, 12:18 PM
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On application it leans hard on the smoke just like the soap when you are loading your brush. After a couple of minutes the smoke subsides but remains prominent as the other notes emerge. After 15 minutes the strength is similar to or a little stronger than the residue you might smell on your brush once it has dried after using Morocco. I get what I think is a dark rose but there is a complexity to it and I can't tease out the individual notes. It is the most challenging of the five in the T&S new lineup and I like it plus the wife gives her approval. If you like the soap and a soothing aftershave without alcohol you will be good to go. It will leave a slight shinny residue and if you over apply it the residue will be sticky. I figure to use about half of my norm so a bottle should go a long way. There is a insert in the neck of the bottle that makes it easy to control the outflow. Longevity of the scent is a couple of hours at most. I prefer an alcohol base with some bite on application but the T&S line are so good I will be frequently forgoing my usual to work my way through all five soaps and aftershaves. Hope this is of use till a better nose chimes in.

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