07-13-2017, 11:27 AM
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Hi All,

About a month ago I listed this lovely 28mm butterscotch Paladin Falstaff, but I ended up withdrawing it.  Retail was $220, I paid $210, listed it originally for $200 and am now asking $175 shipped Priority Mail CONUS.  (I have not used the brush since its arrival.)  Payment via Paypal.  I am not interested in any trades at this time.  

I did not receive the original Paladin cardboard shipping tube, but I do have the Paladin "playing card" for the brush though it is not pictured below.  I will post the knot code when I get home tonight, but I can tell you it feels on par with the Shavemac and Thater 2-bands I own when using it dry on my hand.

Thanks for looking.  Please PM with any questions.

Butterscotch TSN LE and Chief already have new homes.
[Image: 0102fb623b298467872b658419f4114f.jpg]
[Image: d67b23d9c9ed8d8048116c75096c9776.jpg]
[Image: 648a4d2227fbab3d1b6f0470fa24b748.jpg]

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 07-13-2017, 11:52 AM
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Beautiful brush.  GLWTS.

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