07-14-2017, 02:49 AM
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From my earliest days I liked to tinker with things.  I'd buy a small transistor AM/FM radio and take it apart to see if I could discern how it operated.  (it wasn't until I went through the basic electricity and electronics school in the Marine Corps that I learned that AM was 'amplitude modulation' and FM was 'freakin magic'  Smile - just kidding, it's 'frequency modulation' - it only acts like magic)
To this day, it is a rare thing for me not to make, take apart, change, or incorporate into something else - things that I buy.  It is typically why I never make any profit on resale - even if it comes out great, it's not the same as it came from the manufacturer and that sometimes scares people off.

I love the ATT H1 head - and I truly understand the concept of a heavy razor 'letting the weight do the shaving' and all that ... but I just simply prefer a lighter handle.  I think aluminum is OK, but I really like Titanium.  

So - I set out to find or make a perfect handle for my ATT H1 head ... I think I finally did.

I too, do not like the idea that Stork seemed to take Jame's handle design without so much as a 'how do you do?' ... so I was certainly not going to buy the copy ... but they do have one that seems to be a design of their own, so I got that one.  It is the Pinsk

[Image: 57WUWzn.jpg] 
Trouble is ... it is polished and all the stuff from Stan (head and stand) are brushed.

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 07-14-2017, 02:53 AM
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So - I 'had' to polish the cap, base plate, and stand ....

I Think they came out OK  Smile

[Image: fXLexB4.jpg]

[Image: V2oWa10.jpg]

[Image: WcSHQDo.jpg]

Ths is the ATT stand that I had to open up to accept a 14mm handle and put little blade usage 'counting marks' on the base ring.  As you put the razor back in the stand after shaving, you merely rotate the stand and they next time you use it, you know how many times that blade was used.  Helpful to those who have a lot of razors in rotation or skip shaving days on occasion.

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 07-14-2017, 03:05 AM
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Looks great Eagle.

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 07-14-2017, 03:50 AM
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Beautiful. You do great work.

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 07-14-2017, 01:24 PM
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 07-14-2017, 05:06 PM
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Thanks folks - I do like to tinker  Smile

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 07-14-2017, 05:14 PM
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(07-14-2017, 05:06 PM)1981Eagle Wrote: Thanks folks - I do like to tinker  Smile

Yes you do great work.

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 07-14-2017, 05:15 PM
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It looks like the polishing came out very nice.

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 07-15-2017, 02:46 AM
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Polishing is easy, if you dont mind wavy-ness or the changing of angles and removing stock.

If you want straight lines and want to only remove the machine marks without removing too much metal or changing any angles, it becomes more of a challenge.  

You cant see it with the eye (or in the photos) but under 10x there are still some remnants of the machine marks and some small scratches to the naked eye.  

I don't care bacasue that is as far I want to take them  Smile

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 07-15-2017, 06:25 AM
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Eagle, that razor looks great!

And I appreciate that you selected a Stork handle that was not a direct copy of others' designs!

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