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Wanting to trim back the den. Looking to trade (CONUS) for near value in new, lightly used (or even heavily used soaps). Only interested at this point in WSP, Mike’s Natural, Mickey Lee Soapworks, or Stirling Soaps. Thanks for considering, and just PM please...

 (1) Utopia razor. I like mine (check out Amazon reviews!) -- this has been my never used backup. Chrome plated brass handle and I believe head, too. Efficient and, to my face, a little more aggressive than the EJ 89 I used to have. Retail Amazon Prime for newest version $14.99.

[Image: 4ev3WhG.jpg]

(2) Omega 10066 Boar. Lightly used, and could use some more breaking in. Used it once since I bought my 5 synthetics. Retail at Italian Barber $9.99 plus shipping.

[Image: RIGs6wY.jpg]

TRADED  (3) CRSW Puro Fresco Select (previous to current version), about 60-70% of a 4 oz. container. Retail $19 incl. shipping for 4 oz.

[Image: gAgLQZx.jpg]

TRADED (4) Gillette NEW Short Comb head. Underside of baseplate is Dremel-ground to accommodate larger diameter handle.

[Image: dCQqEoC.jpg]

[Image: MK9vljG.jpg]

(5) 100 Rockwell stainless blades. Retail at Maggard Razors $9.99 plus shipping.

[Image: ydNraJV.jpg]

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