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These three brushes need new homes, because I need to make room for other brush acquisitions.  I am the original owner of the brushes, and none of them are shedders.  All brushes have been lightly used in a large rotation, and cared for exceedingly well.  Prices include CONUS shipping.  I'll ship internationally if the buyer covers the additional cost and assumes the risk of no insurance or tracking.  No trades please.  Prices are firm, as they are already low.


This brush is a Brad Sears / M&F collaboration.  Purchased in February 2017.  Knot measures 28.50mm x 49mm.  The sole reason for the sale is that I prefer the 3XL.

The brush has one cosmetic issue which is visible in the third picture.  On the side of the brush, near the top of the handle, there are two small reddish marks.  These marks were on the brush when it arrived, and are in the resin.  The marks look worse in the picture than in person.  I had to use the zoom feature on the camera to get the marks to show.  It was not an issue for me, as the marks are not particularly noticeable and I just didn't even think about them being there.  However, this may be an issue for some, so I'm disclosing it.  

Retail price on the brush was $200, although the price on these has now risen to $210.

Sale price:  $100 

[Image: 22S4vZI.jpg]

[Image: 1PY7DxT.jpg]

[Image: BY8uca2.jpg]

Doug Korn Custom With 27mm Epsilon Knot  SOLD

The Epsilon two-band knots have received many positive reviews.  Unfortunately, many guys don't like the Epsilon handle.  Doug has acquired a great reputation removing these knots from the Epsilon handle and transplanting them into one of his superb custom handles.  This 27mm knot is set to a 50mm loft, which is the same as the original Epsilon brush it came from.  The barbershop handle is made of grain ivory, with a beautiful pattern that's hard to see in the picture.  This knot has uber backbone and scrub, but no scritch.  If you like Simpson Manchurian or Shavemac D01 Two-Band, you will definitely like this knot.  If you're looking for Thater softness, this knot is not for you.  I'm selling this brush because I have other projects in mind for Doug.

[Image: zHm2yPD.jpg]

The only way to acquire one of these knots is to buy an Epsilon brush, which costs $114 with the TSN discount, plus shipping.  Doug charged $85, plus shipping, to make the handle and transplant the knot into it.  Thus, the total cost of the brush is $199 ($114 + $85).  Due to the high cost of acquiring this knot, there is no practical way to sell these brushes without the seller taking a bath on the price.  However, I'm fine offering this at a low price and keeping in the TSN community.

Sale Price:  $85

Bob Quinn E7 Wih TGN 26mm Knot   SOLD

Bob Quinn of Elite Razor is one of the more highly regarded brush artisans.  This brush is an E7, which is one of his most popular handles.  The 26mm TGN Finest knot measures 27.50mm at the top of the handle and is set to a 50mm loft.

This particular knot will amaze you.  I've had a number of TGN knot over the years and this one is by far the best.  It is extremely dense with firm backbone and great scrub, yet exceedingly soft.  I own or have owned brushes from all the major brush makers, and this knot is right up there in quality with any of them.  I'm rather hesitant to let go of this brush because of how great the knot is.  I decided to sell it because I have other projects in mind for Bob.

[Image: D1jpri1.jpg]

Retail price of this brush was $88.95.

Sale price:  $50

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Thumbsup Nice offerings and superb pricing!

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 07-15-2017, 12:43 PM
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Fantastic brushes. Folks - I have two Brad Sears/M&F brushes (2xls) and they are wonderful knots. I've re-read this listing a few time as I can't believe my eyes... incredible deals!!

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 07-15-2017, 01:02 PM
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Ed and Mike, thanks for the kind comments.

M&F is sold.

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All brushes have new homes with great TSN members.  Thanks to TSN and the buyers.  I'm glad these brushes stayed in our community.

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