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[Image: 89RMSEJ.jpg]

• Blackland Razors Sabre •
• GEM PTFE (5) •
• Plisson Pearly Gray •
• PannaCrema Pure2O DFS •
• Barrister's Reserve Spice •

My skin feels so refreshed after this shave. I'm glad to be running the Sabre again after my trial with the Rocnel SE-G. The Sabre pairs with my sensitive skin better while still giving me the same closeness of shave as the more aggressive Rocnel. I'm validated now that I chose the best new SE razor for me to purchase.

On a side note, it's been too long since I've used the Pure2O soap. Excellent lather which provides a nice combination of both cushion & slickness. The DFS scent is very fresh & light.

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 Today, 05:29 AM
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Prep: Cold water rinse
Razor: Weishi Classic
Blade: Derby Stainless Steel (1) - Orange Label - First time trying, very nice and smooth. Great shave.
Brush: Fendrihan Pure Badger
Soap: Mitchell's Wool Fat
Post: Cold water rinse 
AS: Black Suede

First time using MWF - It was wonderful. Quick, thick, slick, easy lather. Everything you gents said it would be. Love it!

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 Today, 05:39 AM
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Tanifuji Cape Kennedy 77
"Cheerwine" Boar Brush
Savonitto Chez Mon Grand Pere Shaving Soap
Myrsol Plastic Shave

[Image: OrVUKoC.jpg]

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 Today, 05:47 AM
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Prep: Warm Shower-Stirling Bath-Scots Pine Sheep
Soap: Reef Point Peerless
Razor: Gillette Red Tip Super Speed
Blade: Gillette Silver Blue (Shave #3)
Brush: Honey Farm Designs/TGN Premium Silvertip-24mmx50mm
Aftershave: Reef Point Submariner     

WTG-XTG-ATG (adjusted angles for my beard)

Reef Point Peerless today. 20 seconds to load the HFD/TGN Premium Silvertip brush. Easy, thick, slick, lather. Gillette Silver Blue in the Red Tip. Excellent smooth, close shave. I finished with Reef Point Submariner aftershave.
[Image: 35874361142_0475cb8e11_b.jpg]

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 Today, 06:27 AM
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Paladin PK47 Briar
Eufros Classic Note
Wilkinson Classic + Perma-Sharp
Floid M.V.
[Image: sjCcD6w.jpg]
All the best.

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 Today, 06:31 AM
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(Yesterday, 07:26 AM)Oberloser Wrote:
[Image: 29846014zh.jpg]

Nice picture!! Bow

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 Today, 08:29 AM
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RazoRock New style OC
Gillette super platinum blade
Fine stout brush
CRSW Arctica soap
Floid Blue ASL

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 Today, 08:34 AM
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[Image: SOTD%20Jul%2021%202017_zpsmowlyp6l.jpg]
Second use of the M&F Finest. I enjoy the way the scrub can be dialed in simply by applying more or less pressure. The knot whipped up copious amounts of lather and held more than enough for three passes, though I only needed two and bit of touch up.

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 11 hours ago
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Razor: Filarmonica Novodur
Strop: TM Spanish Bridle
Soap: Mama Bear Caribbean Bay Rhum
Brush: Custom Badger
Aftershave #1: Thayer’s WH
Aftershave #2: Royal Spyce
Balm: Mama Bear Caribbean Bay Rhum
Talc: Clubman

[Image: wuNu5U3.jpg]

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 11 hours ago
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Trueffit and Hill shave oil; WK Man from Mayfar; Simpson chubby 2 manchurian badger; Blackland Sabre; GEM Blue Star #1; Túff traditional; Balm Psoraso eucalyptus.
[Image: d78611670aede76c55fe5f8b2f732d0d.jpg]

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 9 hours ago
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Proraso Green Pre/Post
Lath-r-ade Handle APShaveCo 24mm Tuxedo
Barrister and Mann Le Grand Chypre
Gillette NEW Short Comb / Personna Red (Shave 1)
Thayers Superhazel ~ Proraso Green Pre/post ~ Barbedeaux ~ Proraso/Osage rub Splash

[Image: 7UZEESS.jpg]

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 8 hours ago
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Friday, July 21, 2017:
[Image: PIlT73m.jpg]
Pre-shave: Musgo Real Glyce Claus Porto Classic Scent Oil Soap
Razor: OneBlade Genesis (v2)
Blade: Feather FHS-10 (2)
Soap: Chiseled Face Cryogen
Brush: Rooney Beehive 2 Super Badger
Lather Bowl: Aesop by Sori Yanagi
Post-shave: Osma Bloc d'Alun / Cold Water Rinse
Aftershave Splash: Chiseled Face Cryogen

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 8 hours ago
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 6 hours ago
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Razor: Mongoose AlumiGoose w/ iKon Bamboo

Blade: Feather Professional (3)
Brush: Oscar 11, w/Omega 10049 Boar
Soap: Reef Point Soap Tranquility
A/S: Proraso
Bowl: TW 3D Printer Bowl

Very close 3 passes for a very near BBS. 

[Image: sqeegsP.jpg]

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 6 hours ago
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Saturday Planned SOTD

 [Image: SKgjDFR.gif]

Razor: Gillette Rocket HD 500
Blade: SuperMax SP Tiger (D11)
Brush: Savile Row 3330
Bowl: TDG Style 4 5½" Cypress Sinker Log
Pre-Shave scrub: Lisa's Citrus
Pre-Shave Oil: Homemade Jasmine Creamsicle
Shave Soap: Tims Greek Peach
Post: Stirling Glacial Lemon Chill
Aftershave: Florida waters

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 5 hours ago
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cobra : pk 47 : aos oud

[Image: sNci2g7.jpg]


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 5 hours ago
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[Image: VelB7gu.jpg]
Razor: Timeless Scalloped .68 and TRH5
Blade: PermaSharp Super (3)
Brush: Maseto 30 mm Finest
Soap: Wholly Kaw Jamestown Gentleman

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 3 hours ago
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Shaving of the day. Soap and after shave Irish Moss, Brush Proyet badger two bands, razor Koraat 8/8 . Just fabulous. Good Friday friends.[Image: 2ad9cc2a0424f4c2ebdd842ea15fedb8.jpg]

Enviado desde mi XT1635-02 mediante Tapatalk

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Saturday’s Shave
Pre-Shave: Strop 100 on Tony Miller Heirloom #2
Post-Shave: Strop 30/30 Cotton/Linen on TomoNagura
Lightly oil and put up.
Barrister & Mann 42
Paladin Cobalt Chief 28mm badger brush, 51.25mm loft (2CLND3 knot)
Lone Wolf 72 Hasegawa Co. Western Kamisori, 20mm
Taylor’s Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera
Barrister & Mann After Shave Splash
Barrister & Mann 42 EDT
Lather Bowl from Symmetrical Pottery
[Image: N8SRDzR.jpg]

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