07-15-2017, 07:24 PM
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I have several items to list here. I would rather keep some of these items together for the sake of shipping and fees. All prices are approx. retail MINUS shipping fees. 

Brand new Mystic Water Bay Rum soap. Lathered once for smelling only. (retail is $11.79 minus the almost $4 shipping). Asking $12.00 shipped

99 Personna Med Prep blades (retail is about $30)  and 100 Personna Lab Blue blades (retail is about $12). I am asking $25 shipped for the 199 blades.

120 Kai DE razor blades (retail is approx. $40ish). I am asking $30 shipped.

Will trade the blades for Nacets, Perma-Sharp Supers, or other quality blades (GSBs don't work well for me but make other offers).

(SOLD) Hone Type 15 brass razor, used with box: new these are $150ish. I am asking $110 shipped. Nice patina but can be polished with ease.

(SOLD) Blackland Blackbird machine finish "long handle": This was $60 shipped new and I used it for one shave and decided I like the shorter handle better: I am asking $60 shipped

(SOLD) Pre de Provence soap (only lathered once for testing). (2) brand new Pre de Provence aftershave balms. New the soap is about $12 and the balms are about $15 each. I am asking $30 shipped for all 3 items.

(SOLD) Mikes Natural Cedar and Pine, used/lathered 2 or 3 times. (retail is $14).

[Image: ugofOAx.jpg]

[Image: R2bIY3S.jpg]
[Image: jlKhhO9.jpg]

[Image: pQLGlq1.jpg]
[Image: sJaBNuJ.jpg]
[Image: Ok1xHX2.jpg]
[Image: avCGxnq.jpg]

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 07-19-2017, 05:40 AM
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Still have MW soap and brand new DE razor blades for sale or trade. Will also consider trading the MW Bay Rum soap for a Stirling Bay Rum or possible other offering or Sapone di Paolo Agrume or Pulito soap.

Will also consider trading the blades for soaps, aftershaves etc.

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