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(07-18-2017, 06:32 AM)kingfisher Wrote: This will be hard to explain, but I'll try anyway.  This is the way I do it with a DE.  

You know how you use the single blade on the back of the Fusion to get right up under the nose?  When you are doing that, the blade is almost perpendicular to your face.  I do the same thing with a DE.  

1) Move the nose out of the way to the opposite side of the side you are shaving.
2) Stick the DE right up under the nostril and gently touch the blade to the skin at a perpendicular angle.
3) Gently draw the razor downward, turning the head as you move downwards from the nostril so that you get to your usual angle as quickly as possible. 
4) Repeat on the other side. 

Works wonders.  If you are using a DE that doesn't have a ton of blade exposure, it not only works, but it works very easily.  For razors with a lot of exposure, like, for example, the Fatip, a very light and careful touch is required.  

Note that this is for the first pass only.  The second pass can be done sideways, and you can get the blade edge right up under the nostril.  But the method I've outlined above is much easier to do and won't require much practice, especially if you are already using the single blade on the back of the Fusion.  The technique is almost identical.

Like he says!

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