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I had another pleasant surprise today, and again it was a brush. The Plum I call it, is from a craftsman in North Carolina that I'm sure some of you are familiar with. I knew his handles were nice. This one is simple. Another one I bought from him he carved in the shape of a chess piece. The Plum has a 2 band knot from Virginia Sheng, and that is where the surprise came from. I had read that they were sort of a bargain badger knot. Most said they were decent. No one hated them, no one loved them, so I wasn't expecting much. The lather came out great, the brush was super soft, and the tips are curling after one use. I have badger brushes from Elite, Shavemac (D01 ST knot in a LYS handle), Thater, and Simpson, and they only beat the VS with their density and backbone. The VS is as soft at the tips as any of them at less than half the price.

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