07-18-2017, 07:43 PM
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Looking to part with some good soaps, some of which are no longer available. I am looking to sell these as a package, but I am open to offers.

Soap Lot:
Soap Commander "Passion" 6.0oz Shaving Soap (used 3x, 95% remaining)
- Smells like an expensive cologne, but once again the girlfriend does not like it. Sad
Retail: $15

Sapone di Paulo "Agrume" 4.0z Shaving Soap (75% remaining)
- This is the 1st gen soap, different from the new one available
Retail: $14

Asking: $20 shipped CONUS

+ Freebee:

Strop Shoppe Austin Sample (used once) - $3 value from Maggards

[Image: iPeftSi.jpg][Image: M4sYL8X.jpg]

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