07-18-2017, 07:57 PM
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I am selling my Above the Tie Ink Well Razor Stand. This is from 2014 before they started drilling holes on the bottom so that the water leaks out. I had another one like that, and it became a mess. This one is great. Also, it matches perfectly with the new Blackland Sabre machined razor.

Also, I am offering the Kronos handle together with the stand. It is in mint condition, purchased in 2015, used sparingly.

1. Above the Tie Ink Well Razor Stand + Above the Tie Kronos Handle
- ATT Ink Well Stand retails for: $63
- ATT Kronos Handle retails for: $56

Asking price: $63 SOLD (you're basically getting the handle for free)

2. Razorock Tech II Safety Razor (used once) + Maggard V3 Razor head (used once)
- Razorock Tech II retails for: $8
- Maggard V3 razor head retails for: $7

Asking price: $12 shipped CONUS

[Image: i5xmbRa.jpg][Image: 8b7p8Y7.jpg][Image: KeSDAsA.jpg][Image: 8eJOFS6.jpg][Image: qGR9T0h.jpg][Image: C2HB3iV.jpg]

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