07-20-2017, 12:04 PM
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Gorgeous Romera brush and knot with true Buffalo Horn handle (not faux)!  Made to order with 28mm fan of Manchurian Finest badger.  Loft set to 52mm.  This brush is unused, never wet.

Paid $225 and waited 5 months for receipt.  However, I found a wonderful used model in the interim with which I am very happy.  Selling for exactly the same $225 with free CONUS shipping and NO WAITING (well OK, maybe 3 days for delivery).   The brush is currently selling for €250 ($290) plus shipping on Gustavo's website.

The knot feels absolutely luxurious.  Please buy this brush before my willpower is depleted and I start using it.

[Image: i8s3ktr.jpg]
[Image: 0ZxeCVs.jpg]

[Image: iKIEUyE.jpg]

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