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Hey everyone, trying to thin out my den a bit to raise a bit of cash. 

If you would like to see more photos in detail, please go to my imgur page here.

[Image: HHHXNQM.jpg]

Back row, left to right:

Woods of Windsor Boar & Badger brush - Since this is a vintage item, I have no way to price it. I think 12 dollars shipped is a fair price. Buy with the Bay Rum Ceramic brush for $20. *SOLD for $20*

Bay Rum Ceramic Boar brush - Heavy little fellow. Like the Woods of Windsor, it is vintage, but pricing it at 12 dollars shipped. Buy both for $20! *SOLD for $20*

Muhle V2 Silvertip Fibres Black 33 K 256 with a chip in the bottom - 22mm/51mm loft. I bought too many of these thinking I was getting one too small for a 23mm brush. After 3 brushes I sort of decided that's as big as this model comes. lol I paid $45, but my other was bought overseas for a significant savings, and this one will be priced according to that. $25 shipped.

Asylum Brush Works BG7 – 23mm/43mm.  I am the original owner. I have used this very sparingly. The knot is just too small for me in the loft, but such a beautiful handle this has! I have the box and it will ship with it. I paid $55, and am seeking $30 shipped.

Shavemac Americana in Finest – 25.5mm/48mm in a fan knot. I bought this brush used here, but for the life of me I can’t find the thread so I know what I paid for it. I can’t remember. The brush is in good condition, and am only selling it as I don’t like the glue bump in it. The brush has excellent density and to me I swear almost that it’s D01, but it still has some of that Finest feeling to it. To get around that I calculated on Shavemac a 142 handle @ 26mm finest fan shape and added 10 euro for the fancy handle, then deducted VAT and converted to US dollar and get a new price of 132.44. I would like to sell this for $100. *Traded for a WW Tortoise brush*

Muhle V2 Silvertip Fibres Black 33 K 256 – Brand new. 21mm/48mm. Like I mentioned in the one with the chip, I swear this brush should be bigger. This is the third one I have now of the 33 K 256 that is too small. I kept thinking I just got the wrong one, but by the third time of getting a similar one I’m giving up on that rabbit hole. I bought this for $38.10. I will sell it for $38 dollars.

Virginia Sheng 30mm Silvertip brush – When I bought it it was stated at 30mm, but it measures 33mm/55mm. I normally love silvertips, but in use this one just doesn’t have any character. Too much gel feel from what I remember. It’s been a few years since I’ve used it. Note that the handle is not perfectly flat so the handle will wobble back and forth, but it does stay upright. You have to purposefully set it in motion to get it to do something. I’ve been hanging onto it for some time just because I like the handle, but needed some selling fodder so in it goes! I paid $45.50 for this, and would like to sell it for $35. *Sold for $35*

Front row, left to right:

ATT H1 razor w/ Kronos handle – I paid $110 for this, and would like to sell it for $100. The H was too aggressive for me. Everything is fine with the razor.

Classic “Super Knurl” Safety Razor from Classic Shaving – Paid $23.99 for this, and goes for 25.99 on their website. I would like to get $16 dollars for this. Personally I just found nothing special about the razor in use, and would prefer a Muhle/EJ over it, but the handle is nice. Decent grip, and more stylish than several cheaper razors I’ve seen.

iKon Shavecraft Short Open Comb razor head only – I bought this with an OSS handle for 51.99 and don’t want to part with the handle. Trading this for the Tech head wouldn’t be so bad if anyone would like to do that. I see the cheapest price new for just this head is $40 dollars, so I will ask for $25 for just the head. I haven’t used this razor head a great deal. Maybe 5 times at most. *Sold for $25!*

The last item for sale is one of a doozy. Remember Ben74’s Perfect 10 set? Well I bought the smaller set. I would like to try and sell these together. 

[Image: Pf0axvX.jpg]

[Image: uJOKGWa.jpg]
[Image: tbQdUrI.jpg]

In this set you will find:

26 x 48mm ($210)

24 x 46mm ($190)

22 x 42mm ($170)

20 x 40mm ($150)

18 x 38 mm ($130)

Just as Ben74 had it, these individual prices are as a guide/rational to the overall set price. Plus they are the prices you are allowed to charge for stock M&F brushes. Remember, ***Selling as a set ONLY***

I will be selling the 5 brushes together for a total of $880 dollars. Now before I get flooded with PMs, I am not willing at the moment to split this. I have considered it, and have been almost there, but when I see these 5 brushes together I can’t bring myself to do it yet. I’d like to try and sell them as a set first. I can’t decide on what the next owner does with these, but I can sell these knowing I had them for a time, they brought me great joy, and I can now pass that on to someone else. Selling it as a set comes first and foremost.

If there is international interest I would ask for $50 as contribution towards shipping.

*Sold for $465 and 3 brushes!*

Also, I forgot to mention at the opening of this post, I will consider trades. Brushes and double edge razors (high end) are my poison. Rocnel DE-P, Rocnel Elite Series, Rockwell 6S, Asylum Evolution are some razors that come to mind, and Simpson brushes, Paladin brushes, and Declaration Washington are some items that come to mind, but not the limit of my interest.

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I apologize that my post looks a bit wonky. I don't know what happened while I was creating it. My need of sleep is going to hinder any further attempts at making it look more aesthetically pleasing, so I'm going to get some rest. The sooner rested, the sooner mended. Smile

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 07-31-2017, 04:23 AM
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FWIW, keeping the set together seems like the right approach IMHO

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 07-31-2017, 07:26 AM
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PM sent on Ikon head.

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 07-31-2017, 12:16 PM
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Such an awesome brush set, someone is going to be very happy. GLWS

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 07-31-2017, 12:58 PM
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If anyone is willing to go in on the set I would like to be apart of that PM if interested.

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 07-31-2017, 01:19 PM
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(07-31-2017, 04:23 AM)MaxP Wrote: FWIW, keeping the set together seems like the right approach IMHO

Thank you MaxP, I appreciate that. It's a beautiful set, and I do want to keep it together if possible.

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 08-03-2017, 10:33 AM
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The M&F set has been sold/traded! Thank you for the interest all in the set!

To try and spur some action on my remaining products, the prices will be lowered accordingly:

Chipped Muhle STF - $20
New Muhle STF - $33
Asylum BG7 - $25
Americana Finest -$95
ATT H1 - $95
Classic "Super Knurl" Safety Razor - $12

I'll do trades as well so keep that in mind. Brushes are a particular weakness if that isn't evident! Wink

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 08-08-2017, 01:55 AM
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One last price drop until Wednesday morning.

Chipped Muhle STF - $17

New Muhle STF - $28
Asylum BG7 - $22
ATT H1 - $90
Classic "Super Knurl" Safety Razor - $10

Shipped prices for USA.

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