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I am regretfully letting go of one of the finest brushes in my shave den. But I have to fund other purchases.  Biggrin 
Simpson Chubby 3 Two-Band Manchurian with Faux Briar Handle.

I am the original owner. This brush was purchased directly by me from Simpson in 2014. That year had the most desirable batch of Manchurian Badger Hair to-date. The Faux Briar handle has a beautiful grain pattern and even the Simpson Sticker is perfect.

Absolutely Magnificent. Non-shedder; indeed, has NEVER lost a single hair.

Super-Soft Badger hair that will transform your shave from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Very Rarely do I use the word "flawless", but this brush is indeed, Flawless.

I paid $485.00 in 2014 for this brush. Unavailable.  
Your Price $425.00
To say that I have "babied" this brush would be an understatement. 

It shows. 

Examine the pictures carefully, they say it all.
I will carefully package this brush in its Original Box, with the original paperwork. And ship it FREE.

CONUS/Paypal Only

No Trades Offers Please!

Thank you for reading.
[Image: 7cVoXrw.jpg]

[Image: yTvjFSv.jpg]

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