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Here is a sweet little razor ideal for those who prefer a quality razor that is mild and efficient. Hollywood Palm is the CNC machined stainless steel razor from West Coast Shaving. From what I understand, the razor was designed in partnership with Brian Twilley of Charcoal Goods Razor. Fit and finish are superb, and the weight relatively light. The shave compares to Charcoal Goods Level One razor. I have used the razor two or three times, I think. It's a lovely razor but a wee bit mild for me. West Coast Shaving lists the price on sale at $155. Your price, which includes U.S. shipping, is $135. Paypal is fine. No trades, please. Thanks.

[Image: I8atIn1.jpg][Image: Tcl73c4.jpg][Image: bDxlnqy.jpg]

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