08-03-2017, 04:54 PM
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Still getting rid of some extra purchases that I "like" but don't necessarily need. For sale is an Above the Tie bronze razor set (#18). I purchased this from ATT last month when Stan found 4 extra sets. It is lightly used and is starting to develop a light patina. The light swirl marks have been 100% UNAVOIDABLE as I tried to keep this pristine. They should be removable with light buffing and Flitz or a similar product. Included will be the complete razor and base plates along with two custom made bamboo style handles made from the exact same material as the razor. The ink well stand is not included.

I am asking $315 shipped for this razor set.  Retail is $485 with the inkwell stand. (for $350 shipped I will include the 240 Wizamet Polsilver blades)

Also available for sale separately is 240 (24 tucks of 10) older Wizamet Polsilver blades. Unsure of the retail of these blades but I am asking $75 shipped for them.

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