08-12-2017, 04:47 AM
  • Coyote
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Prep: Warm Shower-Stirling Bath-Scots Pine Sheep
Soap: Route 66 Bourbon Jungle
Razor: Maggard V2 Open Comb
Blade: Vintage Gillette “Spoiler” Super Stainless (Shave #2)
Brush: RazoRock/Zenith Chubby Extra Silvertip-28mmx51mm
Aftershave: Country Club Southern Oud

WTG-XTG-ATG (adjusted angles for my beard)

Route 66 Bourbon Jungle today. 20 seconds to load the RR/Zenith Silvertip brush. Easy, thick, slick, lather. Vintage Gillette “Spoiler” SS in the Maggard V2 Open Comb. Excellent smooth, close shave. I finished with Country Club Southern Oud aftershave.
[Image: 35701316843_6c9ed5980f_b.jpg]

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 08-12-2017, 04:56 AM
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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Shavemac 400 Silvertip D01 Two Band
Mike's Natural Soaps Pine & Cedarwood
Asylum Evolution
Polsilver Super Iridium
CRSW Juniper AS
ADP Blu Mediterraneo Ginepro

[Image: IMG_2231-XL.jpg]

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 08-12-2017, 05:45 AM
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[Image: imag0436_1-jpg.812248]

MMOC face shave
1912 head shave
Both with fresh GEM SS PTFE blades

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 08-12-2017, 05:47 AM
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[Image: W8gZ0rN.jpg]

Pre-Shave: @khun_diddy Olive Oil Soap, cold water
Razor: Razorock Baby Smooth Al
Blade: Ladas (2)
Brush: Paladin Lotus
Lather: Mike's Lemongrass & Eucalyptus
Post-Shave: Alum, Stirling Bay Laurel Witch Hazel, Australian Emu Oil

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 08-12-2017, 06:02 AM
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Mike's Natural Soap Coconut


Morris & Forndran

[Image: 37xsrw3.jpg]

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 08-12-2017, 06:08 AM
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Saturday 8/12/17

Homemade preshave oil
RazoRock 400 brush
PAA CaD soap
Gillette Black Tip razor
Derby blade
Thayers Unscented witch hazel
PAA CaD aftershave
Barbers Choice Unscented balm

[Image: 6b603982d4a768320fe747a75173f4e3.jpg]

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 08-12-2017, 07:03 AM
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[Image: SOTD_20170812-1024x683.jpg]
  • Pre-Shave: Saponificio Varesino - Oil
  • Safety Razor: Timeless Razor - Closed Comb - 0.68mm - 100mm Barber Pole
  • Blade: Polsilver - Super Iridium
  • Shaving Brush: Saponificio Varesino - 2.0 - Faux Horn (High Mountain White)
  • Shaving Bowl: Saponificio Varesino - Shaving Grail Bowl
  • Shaving Soap: Saponificio Varesino - Stella Alpina - Beta 4.2
  • After-Shave: Saponificio Varesino - Stella Alpina - Balm

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 08-12-2017, 07:08 AM
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Oscar11 H.I.S. Brush
Golddachs Classic Shaving Soap
Barrister & Mann Reserve Classic After Shave Splash

[Image: DNTtTkb.jpg]

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 08-12-2017, 08:22 AM
  • EricM
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SR Shave #8. 

Shaved with this bad boy, a 1850s era King, near 9/8 wedge made in NYC. Nice smooth shave but I had issues with the soap drying out. It's a thirsty mofo. For fun, I've included a photo of what NYC looked like in the 1850s. I love the character of this blade.

[Image: tfeGYUv.jpg]

[Image: rP8Y3Ny.jpg]

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 08-12-2017, 09:34 AM
  • HarryO
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Razor Gerry Stark 7/8, Notch
[Image: f38534e150dfbe06c113ceafffcceea6.jpg]

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 08-12-2017, 09:35 AM
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A special thanks to Sean Land for a fantastic job on the blade. One of the best shaves I've had with a straight, hands down! Thanks brother! 

[Image: 6vV3ACh.jpg]

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 08-12-2017, 11:30 AM
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Sábado 12 Agosto 2017

• Myrsol Emulsión
• Paladin Winston 26mm Jade
• Álvarez Gómez
• Charcoal Goods Brass Antique Dark Lvl-1
• Iridium Super
• Fine Italian Citrus
• Acqua di Parma Colonia

[Image: a04aab072cf8bd0c4cdcf21a9ee42c72.jpg]

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 08-12-2017, 11:49 AM
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Saturday, August 12, 2017:
[Image: 0UaRLHz.jpg]
Pre-shave: Whole Foods 365 Vegetable Glycerine Soap
Razor: Timeless Razor 0.95mm Solid Bar /  Pineapple Design Handle
Blade: Feather New Hi-Stainless (1)
Soap: Boellis Panama 1924
Brush: Brad Sears ArchDuke/28 Manchurian Badger
Lather Bowl: Rust Brown Sheet Metal by Symmetrical Pottery
Post-shave: Osma Bloc d'Alun / Cold Water Rinse
Aftershave Splash: Floïd Blue

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 08-12-2017, 11:49 AM
  • DJL813
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Iwasaki Tokiwa
Phoenix Ice
Wolf Whiskers Synthetic

[Image: U0tkEiA.jpg]

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 08-12-2017, 11:57 AM
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Prep - Hot towel
Pre shave - Prep
Razor – ‘The Rock’ (Rockwell 6S – #3) 
Blade – Gillette Silver Blue
Brush - 'The Duke' (Duke 3 Best)
Soap – Reef Point: Espresso 
Post - Cold water rinse / Chatillon Lux: Bon Vivant Post Shave Toner

wonderful shave.... Reef Point: Espresso laying down a 5* foundation for ‘The Rock’/GSB combo

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 08-12-2017, 12:04 PM
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Hey Joe shave oil ; Maseto Shaving finest badger; Stirling Gin Tónic on the rocks; Blackand Sabre; GEM personna #1; Aqua Velva; Stirling Margaritas in the artic balsam.
[Image: d9412d38a1bc15324f97fd0b4e6f774d.jpg]

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 08-12-2017, 12:26 PM
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 08-12-2017, 01:22 PM
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Asylum Rx/ Kai Captain/ M&F Finest/ T&S West Indies

[Image: FPOYHea.jpg]

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 08-12-2017, 02:50 PM
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Razor: Scimitar Bluebeards Revenge

Blade: Feather (7)
Brush: Tres Amigos Desert Ironwood Beehive w/Envy White
Soap: Nuavia Blue
A/S: Floid Blue

[Image: HJmdZCS.jpg]

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 08-12-2017, 05:50 PM
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Razor: Revisor
Strop: Westholme Roo
Soap: C.O. Bigelow
Brush: WW Custom Badger
Aftershave #1: Thayer’s WH
Aftershave #2: Proraso
Talc: Clubman 

[Image: 3vObVeH.jpg]

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